Student Performance Reporting


The quantity of data available to teachers can be overwhelming. This system provided student performance data but left it to instructors to make sense of. Contextual interviews with instructors helped me identified and highlight key information.


Original Item Analysis Screen

The item analysis shows each student’s response for every question. It’s rich data but requires significant analysis on the instructor’s part.


Instructor Interviews

I interviewed instructors from various disciplines and geographic areas. After transcribing key quotes, I grouped them to create categories. The resulting affinity diagram highlights opportunities for improvement based on end-user needs and desires.

It would be great if it could“…tell us these 10 kids have similar problems and recommend them for a group”     – Kelly, Math Teacher

“It’s good information, but only if I have time to use it.”     – Bonnie, Social Studies Teacher

“After we give an assessment, someone retrains us on how to run a report so we can get the information we need.”     – Dennis, Math Teacher


Student Reports Redesigned

I use varying levels of fidelity to communicate design ideas to my team.



The creation of dashboard screens provides insight at a glance. The underlying data is still available for instructors who wish to export it or otherwise do their own analysis.