Open Labs – Testing & Research


In an Agile shop, research requests sometimes come in last minute as user stories unexpectedly move out of the backlog and into the production queue. To meet these needs, I set up a recurring series of user research sessions and recruited in advance. This ensured that we would have teachers in the office for usability testing, allowed me to support requests I would otherwise have had to push back on.


Teachers visited our office to participate in interviews and usability tests. The stimuli ranged from live production sites to paper prototypes. Rapid, quick hit research planning and execution helped our UX team thrive in an Agile environment and circumvented concerns from the product team about us slowing down development.


Research Findings

I shared the research results with the larger team shortly after each round of research. Findings are assigned a priority level based on frequency and severity. I included participant quotes when appropriate to support the findings and give the team greater insight into the user’s mindset.