Dummies for Business


In addition to selling informative and instructional books to the consumer market, the For Dummies lineup also markets itself to businesses. Companies use Dummies books about their products or services to explain and promote themselves. The Dummies business team wanted to increase conversions to their site. I used existing research to prioritize information on the home page, and tested several concepts to inform the branding and visuals.

Multi-Variant Testing

I organized an A/B/C test of a Dummies for Business advertisements* and used Google Analytics to see which approach generated the most clicks. This test was ultimately inconclusive, and I resorted to qualitative interviews to determine which version resonated with customers. We were able to confirm that trust in the Dummies brand factored heavily into purchasers’ consideration, which helped steer us away from some of the more divergent approaches shown below.

The New Website*

Some changes were as simple as providing a phone number to would-be customers, now visible on the top right. Most sales involve custom publication, so this has prominence near the top of the page.

Case studies are featured prominently, as interview participants indicated a primary interest in seeing what their competition or how similar organizations had worked with Dummies.



*all visual design courtesy of Lesley Marker http://www.markerdesign.com/

Dummies.com for Business