Cheeosk – the Cheese Kiosk

The Problem

My team of classmates in Basic Interaction Design are tasked with designing a cheese recommendation system. We decide to work on something that could be deployed in stores, particularly grocery stores where informed experts are often lacking.


Competitive Analysis

My team visited online and brick & mortar cheese shops to identify best practices in cheese selling and to speak firsthand with expert cheesemongers.


Flow Model

Interviewing cheese sellers and buyers allows us to visually represent the exchange of information between customers and cheesemongers. We visually document these interactions and areas where communication or process breaks down.

  • Novice customers are embarrassed by lack of knowledge
  • Cheesemonger may assume knowledge or otherwise neglect to inform the customer
  • The relationship with the cheesemonger can be meaningful
  • Comparisons to other cheeses are helpful

cheeosk flow model


Wireframe and Prototype