Adaptive Courseware


Adaptive courses select and present material based on a student’s performance, letting students spend less time on material they’ve already grasped. In this model, content is always followed by an assessment, or “check for understanding.” Depending on student performance, they may be directed to the next unit of content, see more of the same, or receive remediation to bolster their understanding.

I created rough wireframes, often just as sketches, to facilitate conversation and build consensus within our team. Through this collaborative process we discarded some designs and features, while leaving others as open questions to present to users during testing.


Workflow and Storyboarding

I begin by capturing the student’s workflow through the course. Other sketches illustrate a student’s journey through the adaptive system. They’re a simple but powerful tool for communicating a vision across the team.



Landing Page Proposals

I presented my team with several options to facilitate conversation. Where we couldn’t quickly reach consensus, I proposed keeping both versions and surfacing them in interviews to collect user feedback.


Final Wireframes

Following remote user research sessions I updated the wireframes, adding annotations to account for various states an interactions. I collaborated with a visual designer to produce high fidelity mockups for the development team. The initial release will scale to tablet, with phone-ready versions planned for a future release.


Higher Ed - Adaptive Courseware